I’m a sucker for some good inspiration. I used to watch The Biggest Loser while eating light ice cream and thinking “wow I don’t have that much to lose, I can do this.” Or “WOW that is an insane story, my life’s not too bad.” I also used to watch Intervention while drinking. I know, I’m twisted.

The Biggest Loser’s changed hundreds of lives, plus I’m sure inspired thousands more. But lately it’s come under criticism, and I hate to be the Negative Nellie here, but WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED?

It can’t be healthy to lose 100 pounds in six weeks. It just can’t. They might be doing drugs? They might be working out six hours a day and only eating 1,200 calories a day? Nothing here surprises me.

The former contestants who are suing are just ridiculous. YOU signed up for the show. YOU were responsible for reading the fine print, for knowing what you agreed to before you participated. And YOU reverted to bad habits. The show is a launching pad and a great help, but one’s own personal health is his or her responsibility, no one else’s. They remind me of lottery winners who blow their fortunes and then blame the lottery for ruining their lives. It’s your own fault if life hands you lemons and you throw them at a wall instead of making lemonade.

So the drugs … did they force feed them to you? You could’ve said no. Why wait until now to bring it up? It seems like people are willing to compromise their morals when it’s benefiting them, but once life’s not so peachy anymore, let’s take it out on the show.

And before you get on me about all the articles about how the extreme dieting, exercise and weight loss killed their metabolisms … I’ve read those articles too. It seems like a lot of hype. If you’re super extreming it, and go home and back to higher calories and old ways, OF COURSE you’re going to mess your metabolism up.

I also read the claim about contestants being taken to the hospital. Years of neglect + sudden onset of extreme exertion = physical distress. It’s bound to happen.

Do I still like The Biggest Loser? Yes. But I do think the standards and methods are quite extreme. I much prefer the Powells’ approach of helping someone change their life over the course of a year; it’s healthier and more sustainable. Still, regardless of how you lose weight, it’s your choice. You CAN say no. Don’t blame someone else because you said yes.


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