And the winner of the $25 Smoothie King gift card is Julie Otto Schmitz of Family Fun in Omaha!


I love smoothies. Almost as much as I love cheese. And THAT is some serious love. But I’ve always been disappointed with smoothies in Omaha. Too much ice, heavy syrup, crappy ingredients, etc. I got spoiled by going to school in Cali for a year where we had a Jamba Juice ON campus. Well guess what, that’s all changed with the arrival of Smoothie King. Good Lord am I happy!

IMG_3741[1]So first let’s address the elephant in the room. Are they as tasty as Jamba Juice? Hell yes. BUT way healthier. As a vegetarian who’s losing weight, seeing that some of them have up to 50 g of protein makes me mucho happy. PLUS a drive thru! Wha whaattttttt??!?!?!

Smoothie King Omaha drive thru (that’s my pretty Jeep Gypsy in the background)

I got to try out Smoothie King with some fellow Omaha bloggers. It’s at 90th and center, across from the Hy-Vee on the end of the plaza where Senor Matias used to be (I totally miss that place, can you tell?)

I was in love with everything I tried. The Hulk is for adding weight, so it has ice cream, but it was so good. I’m really into the veggie blends; they are a great, tasty way to get your veg in. I couldn’t even taste the carrot in the berry carrot one I tried.



Wellness is really at the heart of the whole operation. They have healthy snacks too, like protein cookies!


I was excited to learn they were founded in New Orleans, since my brother is moving there in the fall. I may be sneaking in some smoothies when I visit him.


I definitely see myself spending a lot of time at 90th and Center in coming months. Speaking of which, if you download the Smoothie King app, you accumulate points toward free smoothies for everything you purchase. Score!!!


Ok but first, here’s a chance to try out Smoothie King for free. I can’t make any promises, but if you don’t like it, I’m pretty sure you’re not human!

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