I’m pretty mean to my hair. I LOVE bleach and I love being blonde. I’m continually on a mission for healthier hair, especially when I’m growing it out from my latest chop (which happens a LOT). So I thought I’d share my latest picks for achieving healthier hair.

healthier hair1. Daily Repair

First of all don’t shampoo your hair every day and try to go sulfate free. The chemicals strip your already damaged hair. Also focus on shampooing the roots. I only shampoo 1-2 times a week, but it depends on the weather, how processed my hair is, etc. If you have naturally oily hair, shoot for every other day.

Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong – I’m super lucky to have a stylist who I’ve known all but five years of my life, who can say to me you’re hair’s damaged, you gotta do something about it. She suggested this new line, which starts repairing your hair in one use. It felt great and smelled great. Bonus – the green cap on the shampoo – I constantly mix up shampoo/conditioner sets which is an issue because I use WAY more conditioner than shampoo.

Tifi S Factor Diamond Dreams Conditioner – So this products is not new, but I really didn’t know it was worth the price. Finally I saw it on a sweet liter sale at Beauty Brands, and it was a great opportunity to give it a try. I’m really not sure what the diamonds, cashmere and pearls in this conditioner do. I’m not a scientist. But it felt luxurious and left my hair silky and smooth. Plus is sulfate free (thus the name S Factor) – bonus!

2. Extra Kapow

If your hair’s really damaged, regular daily conditioning is not going to be enough to bring about healthier hair. I highly suggest a daily leave-in conditioner and deep conditioning once a week.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product – This is hands down the best leave-in conditioner I’ve ever tried. The one with keratin is even better. They also have a light version for those who may have oilier hair. If you feel your hair is too oily for leave-in conditioner, other options are just spraying the ends and only using it every other day.

L’Oreal Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Mask – I was pretty shocked at how well this mask works for a less expensive, drugstore product. It’s a combo of flower oils and it’s sulfate free. Loved it!

3. Cut the Heat

Another major way to healthier hair is avoiding further damage. If you have wavy hair like me, you can do that by embracing your natural texture and letting it air dry. However, it takes the right products to make sure that texture holds, or you get some funky in between result when you wake up the next day or later in the day after it dries.

mark. Body Building Mousse and That’s Beachy Texturing Surf Spray – Scrunch your hair with the mousse first, then the beach spray and you’ll air dry some awesome waves.

I was not compensated in any way by any of the companies/products suggested. These are simply products that have worked well for me, and that I would suggest to anyone close to me.

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Last Modified: March 2, 2015

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