For years, I’ve seen the commercials about Wen Haircare products. According the magic of infommercial, Wen makes your magically smooth, soft, shiny, and healthy. I always think, of course your hair looks awesome when it’s professionally blow dried in a salon. So I decided to conduct a “real life” test for you.

I switched to only using Wen for three weeks. This was pretty difficult for me because I switch between products all the time. But I had to get the full effect.

The price was pretty good for the intro pack – I think I paid around $45 and got a full sized bottle of the cleansing conditioner, a smoothing cream, a deep conditioner, and a three-piece travel set. The whole autodelivery/automatic reorder is admittedly a pain.

I truly think there should be a law that if you order something online, you should be able to cancel it online.

This is one of those “you have to call to cancel” deals. However, the upside is you can change your delivery from every three or four weeks in increments of a week up to 20 weeks between deliveries.

Cleansing Conditioner

I got the seasonal scent, Orange Blossom. It smelled amazing, like I had rinsed my hair with freshly squeezed orange juice. I really noticed little difference in the condition of my hair. I have been following a routine of conditioning every day, but only shampooing once or twice a week now for a couple years. I feel Wen provides the same benefit. As I understand it, it’s virtually conditioner with a low ratio of shampoo ingredients.

One major difference I did notice was color preservation. I began this little experiment with red hair and transitioned to brown about a week in (on my way back to blond). My hair does not usually hold dark color well at all, but it hardly faded. In fact, my stylist had purposely dyed it darker so it would fade to the dark color we wanted, and it proved unnecessary.

Disclaimer – I naturally have very dry hair, and the fact that I color it a lot and drastically switch colors wreaks more havoc. So either of these routes (less shampooing or Wen) helps because shampooing too much dries out the oils your head naturally produces. However, if you’re naturally oily, you may need that. My esthetician, who also does hair, told me she’s had some nightmare stories of oily-haired gals who used wen. In that case, I would say you still need to at least use shampoo a couple times a week.

The rest of the products I received were the Sweet Almond Mint scent, which I think is the first one they came out with. I was not sure how I’d feel about this scent, but I liked it. It’s very mellow, more like a spearmint than a peppermint.

The styling products were decent, nothing I’d rave about. One is a stick form of a molding putty, and it was ok, but not very strong. I felt the same about the smoothing serum. The deep conditioner was good, but about the same as a lot that I’ve tried.

Overall Rating

7 out of 10

If you are overly concerned fading (redheads especially deal with this) or don’t want to invest in various conditioners and shampoo (I pretty much buy 3 bottles of conditioner to one bottle of shampoo), Wen is the perfect product for you. Also, the styling products would be good for someone with fine hair (I have regular thickness, but tons of hair so I didn’t feel they were strong enough for me).

This review is purely my unbiased opinion – Wen did not compensate or endorse me in any way.

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