When I was invited to attend a meal planning class with Nicole of Mom Saves Money, I was stoked to get it together in that department. When I learned it was a partner event with Omaha Steaks I freaked a little – vegetarian say what ?!?!? As I thought about it more, I figured I could get a single, veggie girl take on the event. What I didn’t expect was that, in the end, it would save me a whole lot of mental anguish.

Nicole gave some amazing tips on planning ahead and preparing your meals while saving time and money. Omaha’s queen of couponing, she knows her stuff. If you’re any the area, check here for more on her classes.

After the event, we got to do some shopping. Shopping for meat gives me major anxiety. However, after a disastrous Thanksgiving (my brother abandoned me and my aunt invited me to dinner the next day, with twenty minutes advance notice), I decided I would host Christmas. As far as turning into our parents, I’m SO glad I got the entertaining bug from my mom. I planned this amazing menu and shopping list last week. However, as I was looking around, I realized I could save myself some time and money. Here’s the roundup:

1. Chicken Roulade with Cranberry Sage Stuffing

Omaha Steaks chicken roulade lpobeauty.com

I had planned on making a roasted chicken where you stuff it with lemon and rosemary. This freaked me out so much I actually had recruited a friend to do that part. Now we’re both off the hook. No shoving my hands up a bird carcass!!! Yes! The salespeople were so helpful on this on, as well fellow blogger Dana from Triwives Club and a fellow coworker, who now happens to do communications for Omaha Steaks. They explained to me that it’s all included – just stick in the oven and you’re good to go!

2. Cheesecake

Omaha Steaks cheesecake lpobeauty.com

Now cheesecake in my family is kind of an obsession. I’m very picky about baked goods because I was completely spoiled by my mom’s skills. I had planned on making an Irish Cheesecake for Christmas. When I tasted the Omaha Steaks cheesecake, it tasted as good as my mom’s homemade. That is RARE in a commercially made, frozen product. Super rare. Full disclosure, we got really great discounts that night, but they are always running awesome specials. For what I paid for the cheesecake, it probably would’ve cost me that just for the Bailey’s.

3. Dog Treats

Omaha Steaks Dog Treats lpobeauty.com

My looongtime (as in more than half my life) friend Jen from Liv, Laugh, Love suggested I get the dog treats. I questioned it, as my dogs will eat just about anything, and I wasn’t sure it was necessary. But hey, I was getting a deal, let’s give it a go. Holy freaking crap. They went NUTS. They could smell them from across the room. I’ve never seen them get that excited about treats. Think of it like the difference between fresh, deli made mozzarella and rubbery string cheese (oh ya, I can make cheese analogy out of anything).

So if you’re a vegetarian, but occasionally cook meat for those you love (or give it as gifts), Omaha Steaks will save your butt. P.S. They ship everywhere 🙂

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