Ok so you’ve probably seen the spray lotion commercials – so convenient, so easy right? Well I bought some this summer to try out, but truthfully I suck at body lotion until fall when my skin starts to get drier. So this weekend, I gave it a shot and, well, BUMMER.

1. You still have to rub it in.

2. It’s not instadry like they make it seem. You still have to wait a bit to  put your clothes on so you don’t stick to them.

lpobeauty.com spray lotion review

On the up side, it is light, smells good and isn’t a huge mess on your hands like heavy creams. Overall, though, I’m not that impressed. The one I tried was St. Ives, but of course I’ll give some others a shot. Watch our Pinterest board for additional product reviews 🙂

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