Most women I know fall into one of two camps regarding travel and beauty: the I’m taking a break from it ALL, including makeup, camp and the this is when I take lots of pictures, so I’m gonna make sure I look good camp. I fall into the second group. I love having no set schedule and having all the time in the world to try new looks and play with my beauty products. So here’s your breakdown on travel beauty products.

Most of the traveling I was fortunate to do was when I was younger. I was in a competitive regional choir that gave me the chance to travel to South Africa, Germany, Canada, and lots of places within the U.S. Each trip, my mom and I would travel to Wal-Mart, and visit the travel aisle, which pretty much offered one crappy option each of shampoo, face wash, etc. Things have changed so much since then.  Travel sizes are available across the cost spectrum. The bonus, in addition to decreasing your load (did I mention I REALLY miss the pre-911 pack whatever fits in your suitcase regardless of weight policy), is trying new products. Plus, at travel size price, you can plurge on things you normally wouldn’t.

15 years old competing in an international choir competition at Princeton University (we won!)

15 years old competing in an international choir competition at Princeton University (we won!)

I’m going to share some of my faves, as well as places you can go to explore beyond your normal whatever’s in the WalMart or Target aisle.

LPO Beauty’s Faves

1. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – seriously, it’s normally twentysome a bottle, but the $7  travel bottle allows you to get a taste of the awesome. The purple, hydrating formula is absolutely my fave.

2. Fekaii Olive Oil Gloss Cream – again, the full size is expensive, but I guarantee you, your hair will blow out smoother and shinier than with any inferior product. So vacation is a great time to get the small size and splurge on yourself.

3. Make up palettes-  not travel size exactly, but bringing something like this prevents you from packing a million powders, blushes, etc. My faves are Too Face Returned of Sexy (the eyeliner is the best ever) .

4. Urban Decay Makeup Setting  Spray – not technically travel size but due to the variety of climates depending on where you go, who wants your makeup to run like crazy? They different ones, including one that also cools you off.

5. The right powder – I LOVE Vegas and in my many travels there, here is a major mistake I made. I used my regular powder. MAJOR mistake. Three days of getting very tan and then you put your powder on and look like a Victorian doll. The one powder I’ve found that completely evades rematching is Stila’s color correcting. The combo of correcting colors works no matter how much sun you have or haven’t had that day. And the coolest thing about is it shaves the powder as you go, so you don’t have to worry about the clumsy accidents that happen with a loose powder.

You see what I'm saying about the dreaded powder face? This was my first trip to Vegas in 2008. I've learned my lesson.

You see what I’m saying about the dreaded powder face? This was my first trip to Vegas in 2008. I’ve learned my lesson.

6. Shampoo samples – I only shampoo my hair twice a week in the summer. It’s dry naturally then I loooove to bleach it. But I rinse and condition it almost every day. So any single shampoo samples I get are perfect to take with me  on vacation. Ulta and Sephora orders always include free samples, plus if you subscribe to Ulta’s email list they have random 4-hour specials where you get free really nice, bigger samples with purchase that day.

7. Leave in Conditioner – Depending on weather conditions, atmosphere, climate, activities, diet, and increased amounts of alcohol (don’t judge – it’s vacation!) you may need more nutrients. My fave is Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner”. Awesome and way affordable.

8. Hair spray – I’m not huge on hair spray, but there are lots of good options in travel sizes – Kenra, Big Sexy, etc.

9. Skincare Trial Sets – In general these trial sets include at least the basics, and the sizes are perfect for travel. Particularly, you need at least a moisturizer and a cleanser. My faves to offer these sets are Philosophy and Juice Beauty.

10. Brush set – Brushes give you that extra polished look, but who wants to lug all that? A mini set is the perfect solution. I like this one from Avon. (If you don’t have a rep, feel free to order through the LPO Beauty store).

Where to Get the Goods

I’ve already hinted at a few go to’s for getting travel beauty products, but here’s some you may not have thought of.

1. eBay – LOTS of travel size stuff listed at awesome prizes

2. CVS – yeppers. good selection of high end stuff, like the Fekaii gloss cream I mentioned above

3. Ulta – OMG. I am addicted to the kiosks by the checkout – TONS of smaller sized items. A lot of times I buy these, not even just for travel, but to try out new stuff. This is also where you’ll find the Pureology conditioner I mentioned 🙂 They have smaller sizes throughout the store too, but for quick and easy, hit the checkout aisle.

4. Hair School – A good friend of mine recently left her corporate job to follow her dream and I am SO proud of her. She recently did my hair and they had so many travel size options, plus they run tons of specials. Two new ones she introduced me to are Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo and Iron Shape thermal spray . I’m so excited to try them. She told me the students literally fight over the dry shampoo and I’ve seriously never seen thermal spray in travel size before.

Need a travel size product I didn’t cover or more ideas on where to stock up? Leave me a comment!


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