UPDATE: Unfortunately this show has been canceled. This was behind the control of Omaha Performing Arts.


So for those of you who don’t blog, blogging is kind of it’s own world. Mostly women, bloggers are a supportive, awesome, hilarious breed BUT many of them are mommies. That means we don’t always have the same things talk about and sometimes I have ZERO clue (like this weekend when I asked WHAT is a splash pad?) So I’m super excited to celebrate things I do know something about – naughty comedy and theater – at the beginning of June. We’re going to see SPANK! Harder, a raunchy 50 Shades of Gray parody. Ok, I never read the book, mostly because my English teacher best friend told me the writing would make me want to punch myself.

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So Omaha ladies, mommies or not, you’ve got a chance to get in on the fun! The show runs June 6-7. Enter below!

More on the show:
The original SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody became a box office smash in 2013, selling out
shows across the country and delivering naughty and hilarious fun to women in over 170 cities
across the US and Canada. (www.spankshow.com)

Now, SPANK! Harder continues the steamy fun and brings the laughs to a whole new level! The
characters that thrilled audiences across the country are back including our sassy “author,” “E.B.
Janet” and ladies’ favorite naughty hunk, “Hugh Hanson.” This time, our wickedly handsome
man in the grey tie has competition! We saw “Tasha” take on the sexy billionaire, but now finds
herself wanting more…and she’s done taking orders! She experiments with a new shade of grey
and finds herself dating two hunky men. Which one will she choose? Hugh, or the sweet and
seductive “Carter Carnegie?”

SPANK! Harder parodies not only ‘Fifty Shades,’ but many of women’s favorites from movies to
television and beyond. SPANK Harder brings the ladies’ night out of the year with laugh-out-loud
comedy, musical numbers and this time, double-trouble with two steamy hunks competing for
Tasha’s affection, and our favorite author “E.B. Janet” who will have audiences across the
country roaring with laughter once again. Get ready to get spanked again with this even more
hilarious and rip-roaring good time!

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