Ok so whether you sucked at tracking expenses last year like me, and are now hauling ass to make the deadline, or whether you just want to do better this year, I’ve got something for you. tracking expenses and blogger taxes lpobeauty.comI relied on the old “throw a bunch of receipts, bank statements and other crap in box” method of tracking expenses last year. NOT so effective. What I ended up having to do was go through every credit card and bank account and rake through the expenses. I am sharing the resulting spreadsheet so I can save at least ONE fellow blogger that pain. Disclaimer: I am NOT a tax professional or expert. This is just what helps me. I file my taxes online with TurboTax, so I made this spreadsheet based on the available deductions provided there. You’ll notice some items seem odd (like medical), but you file personal and business deductions at the same time, so I just threw everything in there.

Click here to get on top of tracking expenses for your blog this year!

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