Ok so I’m not actually going to cook for you or anything. I do some good work in the kitchen, but this is an opportunity to hang with the experts.

A lot of people think nights out haven’t changed for me because I’m still single. WRONG. The difference is I don’t stay out late on work nights, and I’d rather learn something new and hang with good peeps than doll up and troll for men. So when I got the opportunity to try some things at Chef 2, which I’d been dying to check out anyway, I jumped at it!

So please join me at this FREE event! It will be so much fun (seriously I don’t use exclamation points unless I’m really hyped)!

I like to play with my food but I promise I'll behave at this event :)

I like to play with my food but I promise I’ll behave at this event :)

Midtown Crossing Special FREE Event

“Hot Off the Pan”: Simple 30 Minute Meals from Pantry to Plate
Thursday, April 10

30 minute sessions beginning at 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Guided, educational tasting for a complete meal, including samples of appetizer, entree and dessert.
Event is FREE but reservations are required – RSVP to contact@midtowncrossing.com.
If the first two sessions fill up, additional sessions may be added.

1st course
French baguette with Italian Herb olive oil/Lemon salt

2nd course
Mixed greens with blueberry balsamic/blood orange oil vinaigrette

3rd course
Seven grain orzo pasta with sun dried tomato pesto and smoked serrano salt

4th course
Ice cream with chocolate balsamic reduction

About the Event Hosts

midtown crossing event lpobeauty.com

Chef 2 is the collaboration of two expert Omaha chefs who teamed to open not only a gourmet shop, but an interactive experience. The Midtown Crossing location offers tastings, cooking classes, gourmet ingredients, and more.

midtown crossing event lpobeauty.com

Midtown Crossing is one of Omaha’s most unique destinations for shopping, dining and entertainment. I enjoy it because there something always new to try and not far from downtown where I work. If you’re unable to make this event, please check their awesome Ladies Night specials at various venues on Wednesdays.

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