There are many great nail art options out there today, and there’s one thing in common for the one’s I go for — they’re EASY!!! I am too clumsy and too impatient to spend hours on my nails. So here are a couple of my recent faves:

1. Nail Strips

Three words.




I have absolutely fallen in love with nail strips. I’ve liked some slightly better than others, but here’s my big tip. USE A TOP COAT. Since I started doing this, nail strips last me at least two weeks, no matter which brand I try. Many of you have told me you’ve had trouble maneuvering how to put them on, so I created a video tutorial for you. You’ll notice the video went a little off track, not because the nail strips are hard to put on, but because I don’t have three hands!! Ya, so I didn’t think about that when I came up with the whole “so easy you can do it in the car!” concept.

How to apply nail strips from

2. Layer in a Bottle

A lot of all-in-one polishes are coming out that make it look like you spent tons of time calculating a look. I’m a BIG fan of Nails Inc. and their offerings with feathers and confetti in the polish. Another awesome one is Urban Splatter by Avon. At first I wasn’t too impressed but by the third coat it looked awesome, and I got tons of compliments.

Naiil Art from

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Last Modified: November 1, 2013

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