Argan Oil is all the rage these days. (Wow does that make me sound 80 or what?) Anyway, I have tried the Organix products and liked them a lot for the price. When I got the opportunity to try a higher quality version, I was pretty excited to see the difference. And I’m not gonna kid you, it’s pretty big. So get ready to learn about Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil from Morocco.

Argan Oil Review by LPOBeauty.comI have been pretty skeptical about the concept of an oil that you can use for both your face and hair. Maybe this is because of other horrors like terrible 2-in-1 shampoos/conditioners or face AND body wash. (I don’t know about you, but my face hates me  if I use body products on it.) And my dear readers, I’ll admit it, in this case, I was WRONG.

Eden Allure is one of the few companies that markets deodorized and refined Argan oil here in the US. That explains why the cheaper products have all those fillers! Doing this also removes toxins. Morrocco doesn’t have the same product standards we do, so once the oil is imported, it goes through a whole bunch of processing to make sure it’s stripped to its purest form.

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So let’s get to the products:

Argan Oil – I’d like to rename it multipurpose magic in a bottle. Hydration/moisturizer or leave in conditioner extraordinnaire. Take your pick. It made my hair and skin both feel amazing. BUT you only need a tiny bit or you may overdo. Which . . . ta da!… means an $18 bottle goes a really long way. I generally like things to smell pretty, and although this has no scent, I didn’t care because it was so effective.

Beauty Bar – Way to prove me wrong again, Eden Allure. I generally hate bar soap. It makes my skin feel filmy and it leaves a nasty mess in my shower. But this one was bar soap that was smooth, silky, and in my terms, “happy.” PLUS it didn’t have that institutional smell bar soaps normally have (you know what I mean, the soaps that remind you of grade school, hospitals and public bathrooms.)

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And my last piece of awesome for you – you get 15% off your first order on the Eden Allure website. Plus, when you register you can enter a monthly drawing. Happy arganing!


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