I am a person who genuinely loves standing out, being unique and letting my personality shine. But it’s not all just vanity — trying new things gives me a chance to give everyone else a leg up on new products that come out. For example, I decided to jump on the picture credit card wagon a few years ago. I did it because I thought it was cool, but it ended up saving my butt when my ID was stolen in Vegas in July. It was a big part of the reason I was able to get on the plane back home.

So on a similar note, when I heard I could get a personalized debit card, I was pretty excited. For one, my debit cards are really ugly. So I hopped on to CARD.com and there were TONS of choices. Seriously, tons.

Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com

I chose a poker themed card (given my Vegas reference I’m sure you’re SHOCKED about that one). It was so cute. I had zero problems signing up or using it. I took my friend to lunch for her birthday at one of our fave Mexican dives and she sure appreciated the poker-themed currency.

Card.com review from LPOBeauty.com

There is a small maintenance fee — just under $6 a month, which can be waived if direct deposit $800 or more a month. So who is this card a good fit for?

1. People who love to flaunt their personality, even on their debit card. Yes, like me.
2. People who may be slightly more, let’s say, spontaneous with their finances, and would pay more with the overdraft fees they’d incur on their bank account. (Not that any of YOU ever do this.)
3. People who may have trouble getting a bank account due to past mistakes (take that how you may – it could mean bad choices in dating, marriage, finances, or all of the above.)
4. People who want to designate a certain amount for a trip or vacation. That way, if your card is lost or stolen, the acquiring party doesn’t have access to the rest of your funds.

If any of these fit you, check out the options at CARD.com. They have just about every design you could think of!

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