When I joined the Emeals.com blogger network, I wasn’t too sure about what the site did. Basically you get recipes and ingredient lists for each week. You can choose recipes for dinner, lunch, breakfast, or all of the above. So far I’ve been pretty impressed. Here’s why:

1. Vegetarian happy! First of all, there is a vegetarian option. Second, the recipes are unique and healthy. It’s not the same ol’, same ol’.

2. Portion sizes. The recipes are calculated for your family size. I always end up cooking way too much and constantly have a freezer stuffed with leftovers. My recipes are made for two, perfect for dinner and lunch the next day.

3. Saves you money. By following an exact ingredient list, there’s no guessing, no grabbing extra junk.

4. A good mix. There’s a little bit of cooking, but nothing too complicated. The recipes also mix in some prepared healthy foods so you don’t have to make everything from scratch.


The Mediterrean Plan that Emeals just launched is also pretty cool. Many experts swear by this way of eating to increase health, decrease blood pressure and help with weight loss. Check it out!


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