Recently, Liv Laugh Love honored me with an awesome blogging award, the Versatile Blogger Award. Time to pass on the love!!!

the-versatile-blogger-awardThis award comes with a challenge, one I also pass on to those I will be nominating (hey here’s an award and some more work for you – sorry!! ha ha). The challenge is to share seven things about myself and nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

Things you didn’t already know about Liz of LPO Beauty:

1. If I couldn’t do anything for the rest of my life and get paid, it would be singing. American Idol auditions just came to Omaha and I am now (according to their standards) too old to audition. DUMB!!!

2. My second passion would be writing. Ok really it would be acting, but I am a better writer than an actor so I write for a living AND for a hobby/outlet.

3. Though I am a crazy dog lady now, I never had a dog until age 25.

4. Shameless plug: I just started selling Avon. I never thought I would be into sales, but with no parties and being able to make it easy for people by doing it online with no pressure, I am pretty excited about it.

5. I have some pretty weird jobs — dishwasher at a convent, dining room worker at a nursing home, consultant at a weight loss center, check encoder at a bank. And my personal favorite – in college, I worked at a museum where my job was to count the guests as the came in. True story!

6. I don’t have an inside voice. Ask anyone who’s ever met me.

7. I wrote a book when I was 10, and I can  honestly say it was terrible. “Three Tricky Triplets” was a horrible Parent Trap rip-off. God bless my mother for humoring me, making copies of the typewritten manuscript, and paying the postage to send it to publishers in New York. And for putting up with me going through loads of erase tape on the typewriter (if you are over 30, you get what I mean.)

Sooo enough about me. On to my beautiful blogging cohorts. I owe them so much. Every blogger I have worked with so far is willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge at every turn. It’s a true sense of community. Nerdy, right? But NO it’s really true.

1. Nina Says  – Not only does she offer a witty, insightful blog, she runs Blog Friendly PR, a great site that connects bloggers with brands.

2.5MinutesForMom – These sisters (literally, they are twins) are SO welcoming and throw a huge bloggers bash every year.

3. Love for Lacquer – Jess is one of the many fellow beauty bloggers I admire. Plus she gave me some great advice on approaching brands 🙂

4. Blog – I owe a a lot of love. They have given me a lot of great brand opportunities. Not only is it a great informational site, they are awesome at staying on top of trends.

5. Kat Stays Polished – NAIL QUEEN. Seriously. Her sugar spun manicures are so amazeballs.

6. Heidi Powell – Not only are her husband Chris sweet, genuine and well-intentioned, they are marketing GENIUSES!

7. Citizens of Beauty – Kendra tests all the products I wish I already had, plus her writing is a little quirky, which I love.

8. Beauty Pop Stop – Doria does a great job of reviewing a wide variety of beauty finds, many that are indie or up and coming.

9. K Squared Glamour  – Cutest pregnant person ever. Seriously. Most girls would shy away from a fashion blog during pregnancy but Kristyn rocks it!

10. Kris Carr – I gotta give props to a gal who kicked cancer’s butt, and now helps women stay healthy, positive and feeling sexy.

11. Cosmetic Sanctuary – Another gal whose nail talent I adore!

12. Makeup Geek  – I love this blog. It sets the standard for incorporating selling into your reviews and tutorials without being tacky.

13. Reboot with Joe – PS a little background, my brother got me a juicer for my birthday and now I’m obsessed. I had to do a lot of research, and Joe and Kris Carr’s blogs were sooooooooo helpful. I’m hooked!

14. Chalene Johnson – Though you may recognize her as the Turbo Jam queen (which is so fun if you haven’t done it), but she is a great motivator and gives awesome tips on setting and achieving ANY goal.

15. Megan Angelo, Glamour Blog – Guilty pleasure. I love reading her Bachelor and Bachelorette posts when they pop up on my Facebook feel. Give ’em hell Megan!

Keep up the good work – you are all rock stars!!!

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