Ok, let’s show the world what Omaha’s got! This giveaway is open to bloggers in and near the Omaha metro. I am asking that all participants contribute to the giveaway in one of three ways:

1. Donate a prize relating to your blog worth $20 or more

2. Get a sponsor to donate a prize worth $20 or more (please make sure it’s something that can be used nationwide, as I’ll be promoting the giveway on large giveaway hops and linkys)

3. Donate a cash amount of $5 or more. Cash will be pooled to purchase a gift card. Send payment to liz@lpobeauty.com via PayPal and vote on your gift card outlet preference when filling out the form.

Everyone will get a link to their blog listed in the prize package listing. (Ex: Prize package includes $25 in beauty products – sponsored by LPO Beauty). I will also include one link to like in the intro options.

The name of the giveaway is not yet determined. Please enter your suggestions in the form and we’ll vote later.

All submissions are due by Sept. 30. The giveaway will run Oct. 17-31. I will have the full list of prizes and the html for the PunchTab sent to you by Oct. 10 so you can preschedule posts if needed.

I’m excited to show the world how awesome Omaha bloggers are!!


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