Yes, Blolish is a thing. What kind of thing? It’s a stereotype. If there’s no such thing as Blolish, then there are no Brits with bad teeth, no conservative Southerners and no frugal Jewish people. I am just the first (I think) to give it a name. But not all Blolocks act Blolish and not everyone who acts Blolish is a Blolock.

A double dose of ditzy associated with being both blond and of Polish descent, though neither characteristic is required to act this way.

I tend to do quite Blolish things myself, which is how I came up with the term to begin with. Recent examples:
Locking myself out of the house twice in one month
Rushing somewhere to realize they were closed because I mixed up my days
Using the wrong bank account to book a hotel room

And one from a long time ago – calling my friends when my car “died” and it turned out I hadn’t put it all the way into park!

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