I’m sloppy by nature. Clumsy. Short attention span. So perfect nails have NEVER been my thing. I’ll put off doing my nails for WEEKS because I’m afraid I’ll mess them up again. I am a huge admirer of some of my fellow beauty bloggers and their nail tutorials, but sorry girls, spun sugar scares the crap out of me.

Luckily, there seem to be more and more nail products hitting the market. And my new fave is nail appliques, stickers you put on over your polish. These things are amazing, I’m talking “I color within the lines like a pro” amazeballs! They’re super easy to use, and cover any flaws you may have made applying the polish (or in my case, after, when I can never seem to sit still for even five minutes).

Check it out:


I seriously can’t overemphasize how easy this was. I got SO many compliments. So here are the products I used:
Donna by Julep (my mom’s name and a color she would’ve loved – how could I resist?)
Fina by Julep (I simply alternated nails)
Julep Top Coat
OPI Base Coat
L’oreal Color Riche Nail Lingerie – Miss Candy (I had trouble finding these online, but I still see these in stores everywhere, especially CVS and Walgreens. I think it was a limited design for summer, but other patterns are available.)

You’ll notice I’m slightly obsessed with Julep. There are a couple reasons for this. I belong to their maven program and it’s often hard to resist their adorable monthly boxes, especially since they started adding sweet skin, hair and makeup products. Second, they have lots of great sales and deals for mavens. If you’re interested in joining the maven program (first box is 99 cents, which is how I got hooked), shoot me an email at liz@lpobeauty.com.

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