What do you do when you royally screw up a coleslaw recipe? Turn it into a stirfry!! It’s much easier than it sounds.

First of all, I take fully responsibility for the bad coleslaw. The recipe my friend suggested by Livin’ the Simple Life is a great recipe – much props to the chef. The downfall came in my own character flaws: 1. lazy – YES, chopping the coleslaw too big does make a huge difference 2. wimpy – my heat level tolerance is a 2 on a scale of ten (at best) so I left out the jalapeno 3. assumptive – SURE, dried cilantro will do in this recipe. Uh no, it won’t.

So turning THIS recipe fail:










Into this recipe WIN:










Goes likes this:


-Pick a protein – I’m vegetarian so I went with tofu, but go wild – fish, chicken, beef, nuts, beans, whatever you want

-Pick some additional veggies – Choose whatever you have in the fridge or whatever you like. Go as crazy as you want with the veggies – they’re good for you! The less coleslaw you have, the less you need.

-Pick a sauce. I happened to have a stirfry sauce on hand but anything will work – BBQ sauce, marinades, salad dressing, whisk peanut butter and water together (this actually tastes awesome!)

-Pick a starch (optional) – This one’s up to you. I went with udon noodles. If you’re carb conscious you can skip this,  but you need some, especially if you did hard workout that day. Other options are any rice, pasta or grain (cous cous, quinoa, whatever tickles ya).

Saute the coleslaw in cooking spray first, along with any other veggies that take a while to break down (onions, peppers). Also put in the protein at this time if it is raw. You will need to add cooking spray along the way as necessary. About 5-8 minutes later, the veggies should be breaking down. Cook on high heat, and if they seem to be cooking slowly you can put a lid on. Next, add the rest of the ingredients and sauce. I only used about half the bottle of sauce because I used seasoned tofu. Between that and the coleslaw, it already had quite a bit of flavor.

Sometimes my recipes are more precise but this is one you can really play with. Enjoy!!


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  1. Patricia

    How very ingenious of you…. I think the stir fry is much more appealing and satisfying than cole slaw anyway!!!

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