PrintWhen I signed up for Team in Training I was so inspired, determined to complete a half marathon in memory of mom, in honor of my friend Brian and for all those who have fought battles with leukemia and lymphoma. Despite a training halting hamstring injury, fundraising shortcomings and in the end not getting to go to the marathon in Disney World, I’m still proud – proud that I gave it a shot, proud that I gave it my all, and proud that I accomplished things athletically I didn’t think I could. I was also humbled – humbled by the support I received (even from complete strangers), humbled by the strength and courage of TNT athletes/mentors/coaches and humbled by the positivity that tragic circumstances can bring about.

I did not raise my minimum of $3,900, falling about $1,900 short. I could not afford to make up the difference, and therefore did not get to go to Orlando to run. However, every cent of the nearly $2,000 I raised will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society here in Nebraska. Due to the hamstring injury, I chose not to complete the half marathon here, but my mentor did run in my mother’s memory for me. I hope to give it another go, as soon as I have the $2,000 to complete my previous commitment.

In the meantime, for the first time in about four months, I am finally able to run without hamstring pain. I am preparing for a 2.5 mile St. Patrick’s Day run with my brother and a few friends. I’m super excited about. In running, I’ve found a new way to be healthy. It’s nice having a goal in mind — I’ve always been the book smart type, and having “homework” to prepare for a “test” is a great motivator for me to get off my butt! If I’d taken away just this from the experience, I’d count myself lucky. However, I’ve gained much more than that. Instead of being sad or feeling sorry for myself, I got out there and did what I could to help – and it felt great.

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