It was interesting experiment, one that might be easy for most — six months without hair dye. I went about four months before I couldn’t take it anymore and got a glaze done, which is less subtle and less damaging than dye. Then I cracked about three weeks before the end and dyed it blonder, and I cut it all off.

Though it may not have been a complete success, like any experience I learned some lessons:

148149_10151525892707388_931079103_n1. What I am addicted to most is change. I constantly feel the need to shake things up, and sometimes it’s helpful to take the time to stop and appreciate what is instead of always focusing on what could be changed.

2. Cheesy as it is – if it makes you feel beautiful, do your thing. That’s what it’s really all about. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves.

3. Everything is worth trying once. I launched the Ditch the Dye effort in May of last year, when my blog was just five months old. Though I didn’t get any press coverage or rack for the donations to fight cancer, I still received awareness and got lots of love and support.

4. If the plan isn’t working, revise. When I received zero donations for my Ditch the Dye effort, I decided to move my donation over to my Team in Training effort. The support was overwhelming and I raised nearly $2,000.

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  1. Beautiful Nicole

    I always wondered what was the best thing to get the dye off my face after I dyed my hair. I have tried baby oil,hydrogen peroxide,alcohol, and others. The stuff that got it off of my face BETTER than hydrogen peroxide was SHAVING CREAM!! Oh my gosh I just saw my husband’s shaving cream on the bathroom counter and said what the heck let my try this since it will take the paint off of a car lol. To my surprise it worked so well and the dye came right off. Anyhow you can get some for $1 at the dollar tree. Dab it on a paper towel and wet the towel. I roll the towel back because the shaving cream likes to expand all over the place. This way it gets rolled up in the paper towel. Then just dab the dyed spots until they come off. They usually come off with the first gentle swipe. Get the shaving gel that is for sensitive skin and see if there is some with aloe vera in it. This way you can be nice to your skin. Hope this helps people with getting hair dye on the skin!

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