I first discovered Torani when I was a freshman at Santa Clara. When SheSpeaks asked me to do a review of their syrups, I was excited. I honestly had no idea there were so many flavors available. Because I am no longer 18 and can’t guzzle Italian sodas every day without gaining 20 pounds, I had not been a loyal fan recently. When I would see Torani at the store, there would be maybe one or two of the sugar free variety.

DSC00163Apparently I’m shopping in the wrong stores. I received a bottle of pumpkin and hazelnut flavors, both sugar free. Though this is awesome, I was a little stumped at first. I don’t drink coffee and they didn’t sound like great flavors for Italian sodas or cocktails. (For those of you who have not experience the magic of Italian sodas, it’s basically just a clear soda like Sprite mixed with a flavored syrup.)

I  racked my brain a little and thought what a great excuse to pull out the hot cocoa! I wasn’t sure how it would mix or whether it would be a total fail, but the result was YUM!! Super simple – warm up a cup of milk, stir in some sugar free hot chocolate, and pour in a little Torani. It was the perfect blend, and you could probably kick it up a notch for a nightcap by adding an ounce of your favorite somethin’ somethin’. (Sidenote: I first started using the phrase somethin’ somethin’ when my SCU roomies and I took a roadtrip to Reno with one of their families and the bus driver informed us “There’s a little somethin’ somethin’ wrong with the bus.” Scary but hilarious.)

I can’t wait to get moving on trying the rest of the more than 30 sugar free varieties. Black cherry and white chocolate are first on my list 🙂

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