Ok, all my ladies, come on and admit it, Arbor Mist is a guilty pleasure. Like a boy band, you love the flavor but you’re scared to admit it because you associate it with younger, poorer days. (I wouldn’t insinuate that any of us drank underage but if we did…I’m pretty sure this oh so affordable, yummy, fruity wine would have been in the mix.) So I got a little excited when I saw the new Arbor Mist cocktails in the store – and doubly excited when SheSpeaks asked me to try them out!

It’s amazing how your priorities change over time. When we were young, everything was new and exciting. Then we became too cool for “21 year old drinks” like Sex on the Beach and Liquid Cocaine. Then we started paying more and more bills (college loans? mortgage? ouch) and started just drinking beer. Finally, in my early 30s, we’ve returned to the comfort and affordability of the house party.

My gal pals and I had previously enjoyed some grab and go frozen options, so I knew these would go over big. And they did. In fact, I shared some with a friend and saved the rest for a gathering I have planned this week. The flavors were all fantastic, but the white pear was my definite fave. For those of you that like a little more zing to your drinks (instead of all sweet) the strawberry is perfect.

In a perfect world, I would kick back with these every weekend. However, there is not a low sugar, low calorie option available (see stats below)  – so I will have to save them for special occasions 🙂

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Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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  1. Lesley L.

    Hey Liz…thanks for all your reviews. They are so helpful!

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