Why run? The blisters. The side stitches. The worrying about how I’ll meet my fundraising minimum. The sore legs. The fear of looking stupid because I’ve never been an athlete. But guess what? It’s all worth it.

I was just watching this movie where a women’s brother, who was a marathoner, because paralyzed and unresponsive after a car accident that was her fault. She decides to push her brother, in his wheelchair, for a full marathon. Though not an athlete, after crashing after six miles, she decides she must complete the marathon, finishing long after sundown. I found this so inspiring. It’s indicative of what I’m starting to find addictive about running.

Yesterday, the trainer at my gym asked me if I ever find that “zen moment” when I’m running because she doesn’t. Truth be told, I don’t. I do, however have moments of pride because I never thought I’d run AT ALL and moments where the perfect song pumps me back up. I also have moments where I feel like I want to quit. Those are the moments when I remind myself why I’m doing this. I think of the courage my mom showed throughout her illness and the families I can help with my run.

This weekend, I am running my FIRST 5k. I am super excited and super nervous. It is a mud run with obstacles, so I do not plan on worrying too much about my time. What’s more important is the event benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The next day, I’ll be walking in support of a good friend who lost her son to asthma at the tragic age of 10. This year, I’ll only be walking two miles for The American Lung Association, but next year, I’ll be ready for a 10k!

I feel blessed to have come upon a way to really make a difference – and it’s so much more gratifying that just working out for vanity’s sake.

2 comments on “Why run? A good cause makes it all worth it

  1. Jen

    Thanks for running/jogging/laughing/getting dirty with me today. I am ready for the next one, and ready to run a couple miles tomorrow. Pretty soon we can run together. I will get there. I don’t have a zen moment, but I do LOVE the burn.

  2. Rob

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Why run? A good cause makes it all worth it – LPO Beauty, thanks for the good read!
    — Rob


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