Dear readers, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I pledged not to dye my hair for six months. I only made it four (woo hoo that’s a record!). On the positive side, I learned some new things – mainly the lowdown on  hair glazes and the importance of filler.

hair glazeWhy did I do it? First, in addition to my additional promise to pledge $180 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I am raising $3900 for my Team in Training Efforts (I guess now my donation will be $179 ha ha.) Second, I was actually loving my natural color (big step because I used to hate it) but my ends looked fried out compared to my roots because of all the previous bleaching.

I figured a glaze was a slight departure; I was wrong. In retrospect, I should’ve done a clear glaze to maintain my pledge. I love the result but it was definitely more dramatic than I expected. I also learned it is a semipermanent product. I recently found a similar product of the drugstore variety. I’ll be trying it when the rest of my six months is up and here’s why: no ammonia and extra conditioning agents that are awesome for restoring the health to your hair.

One last note — after the stylist had washed the glaze out of my hair and began blow drying it she said “do you see that?” I said no. She said it’s got gold streaks in it, let me redo it and add a filler. As she lifted the hair up to apply the second glaze, I saw it was green! I’m talking a cross between oompa loompa and the Joker. I asked about the filler and she told me when I took it from platinum to dark without filler, there was no red pigment added to balance it out – annnnnnnnnnd you end up with green hair. Lesson learned.

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