I would get a facial every week if I could (my bank account, sadly, says no). It’s so relaxing and your skin looks so great when you walk out. But, and this is important, don’t get so relaxed you fall asleep! It’s amazing how much you can learn from the pros if you pay attention to their techniques and ask questions – whether you are getting your hair cut, your nails done, or your skin worked on. At a recent facial, my esthetician was a little shocked at how many products I use at my age (32). She asked about my goals – duh,  I want to look like I belong on the red carpet! Seriously though, I said I want to prevent aging and acne. What came next left me speechless (a very rare thing). “Well, you don’t use moisturizer, do you?” What what what? When I finally uttered some mumbled request for explanation she said, “Well you’re a beauty blogger, I figured you knew. Never use moisturizer. Always use hydration.”

Wow! Ok, first of all I was embarrassed, but a product expert has to become an expert somehow, right? So I sheepishly asked about the difference. Moisturizers are the thicker, opaque creams that the majority of the population uses, and they are not good for acne prone skin. Hydration is more of a gel like substance, similar to a serum. As I have begun to search out ones to try, I found you can also find hydration in sprays, drops, etc. There are also moisturizers with hydration in the title and these fall somewhere in between.

The first hydration products I tried were from Boscia in their oil free line. As with everything I have tried from Boscia, both the day and the night formula made my skin feel amazing. It really only took a little bit, whereas sometimes with moisturizer I feel like I have to keep slathering more and more on to get moisture into my skin.

Next in my exploration was Lily B Hydrating Serum. This is a very thin liquid that goes on very light – it’s perfect for summer. Just two tiny squirts keep my skin happy and hydrated all day.

Two for two! I’m so glad I paid attention and learned something new. I will continue to try out new hydration products. Check back at lpobeauty.com and my Pinterest product review board for updates.





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