Nail Trends: Gel Nails, Art Pens, and White Polish

Some nail salons call them gel manicures, some call them shellac; whatever you call it, I love them. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a gel manicure uses a different kind of nail polish. You then put your hand or foot into a UV light and the polish hardens into a gel-like substance. For someone like me who can hardly let her nails dry, let alone get through a week or two with the same polish, this long lasting option is one of my favorite nail trends.

However, sometimes it’s just not in the budget. Plus I love learning to do things myself. Splurging on the polishes and UV light can be quite pricy (I’ve seen kits for $100-150), so I was intrigued when I saw a set that required no UV – Gel Perfect by Nutra Nail. I also bought the accompanying remover pads.

gel nails without uv lightIt was a little complicated. You do five nails at a time, and before each nail you apply an activator polish. They came out very pretty, but nowhere near the level of hardness as the UV cured shellac nails. This at home gel sans UV nail trend has a long way to go. The polish started chipping after three days.







Also the remover was a complete waste of money. At around six dollars, it worked no better than any other nail polish remover I’ve used. The only convenience was that it was pouch so you could do five fingers at a time.








So that was disappointment number one. The next nail trend I decided to try was the art pens that are out – white toenails with cute little squiggles. Adorable, right? Wrong. This is what I got:









Hideous. First, I will never again use white matte nail polish as a base. It seriously looked like I used white out on my toes. Yuck. The nail art pen was more difficult to use than I anticipated. It reminded me of a paint pen. It would have been much better with a brush tip instead of a marker tip. The color did not come out evenly, making it very hard to control. As a result, I ended up pushing down too hard and just making a complete mess.

As a result, I gave in and splurged on shellac toes at the salon. On the toes, it can last about four weeks, so it’s worth it. As for my fingernails, I’ll keep trying new nail trends until I have a success to share with you.










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2 comments on “Nail Fail: Two Nail Trends to Skip and One to Splurge On

  1. Jane Gassner (@MidLifeBloggers)

    I had the same issues with the nail art pen, but I decided to call it abstract art, rather than representational. Worked for me, and if anyone thought differently–what were they doing looking so closely at my toes!

  2. admin

    That is awesome Jane. Why didn’t I think of that?

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