I was beyond excited to find myself down two pounds after recently returning from Vegas. So how did I lose weight on vacation? I found the middle ground between “Hey it’s vacation, I”ll do whatever I feel like!” and overly restricting myself to the point where I didn’t enjoy the trip. (Believe me I’ve done both.)

This was really an experiment. In the past, I’ve traveled to Vegas, eaten and drank everything under the sun, and I came back the same weight I left. Soooo I thought to myself . . . what will happen if I make just a little effort? Success, that’s what!

So here it is . . .

Location is Everything

From the beginning of your planning process, choose somewhere you can be active. In Vegas, my man love to walk and explore; we do at least four miles a day. There are many cities that are laid out with great public transportation that make this doable – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston to name a few. If that’s not your thing, pick a vacation with activities you will enjoy. We golfed 18 holes while we were there. If you are into wintery locations, try skiing or snowboarding. If you are naturally attracted to warmer climates like I am, all inclusive resorts are great for snorkeling, swimming, water bikes, and all sorts of activities to keep you moving. In almost all locations you can do one of my favorite options – go dancing!

If your idea of vacation is complete relaxation, lying on the beach or driving everywhere, you’re going to have to make up the calories if you want the flexibility to eat what you want. Stay at a hotel or resort with a fitness center or fitness center – commit to doing it first thing in the morning and get it over. It’s one hour out of the day. Sorry for the tough love, but trust me, when you are eating scrumptious regional specialties and still see the scale drop when you get home, you will thank me.

 Pick and Choose

When you get up in the morning, decide which meal you will splurge on. Typically, we’re not breakfast people so we just take protein bars and bananas, and that’ s good enough for breakfast. However, when we know we are going to be super active, like the day we golfed, we go to a later, larger breakfast. If we want to go to buffet or somewhere we’ll eat a ton, we try to lightly snack at lunchtime then go around 3 or 4 to tide us over for the night.

Leave it There

This is by far the hardest one for me. Don’t eat everything on your plate. Servings are always too big. I have horrible habits in this department. On vacation, I especially felt like I had to finish everything because there was no fridge in our hotel to take it back to. My man kept saying “you don’t have to finish it.” I so appreciated this support because he is one of the cheapest people I’ve ever met.

Keep it Simple

I didn’t track my calories while I was gone, but I was conscious of getting protein and veggies in at every meal. If you try to do this, you know you are getting some nutrients and not all crap 🙂

While I’m on crap, don’t splurge all your calories on liquid. I’m not saying nix all the margaritas, martinis, and fru fru drinks because trust me I love them. However the sugar content is so high in all these, it goes straight to your belly (I am not a dietician or a doctor, but I have worked as a weight loss consultant and, come on, you know it’s true.) The same goes with the fancy lemonades and smoothies. So have one or two on the trip, but stick mostly to water, diet soda (I know this one can be controversial but I just can’t seem to give it up), light beer, wine, vodka or rum and diet, etc.

You can do those things, right? Of course you can! Have a great vacation; I’m sure you deserve it.

One last thing – vacation beauty tip – do NOT get your hair trimmed the day before vacation or you may end up with cray cray bangs like I did. They’re just now starting to get to a normal length.

why not to get a haircut the day before vacation

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  1. Jen

    I did some paddle boating and swimming, and only ate a meal out on the way to my destination. There were some beverages and chocolate chip cookies involved, however. Whoops. Time to ZUMBA!

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