As I’ve already shared, this is my first year tanning. I’ve only been five times, and my skins burns so easily I have to wait a few days in between every time I go. Needless to say, I don’t have an even gorgeous tan. My legs tan MUCH more slowly than everything else, and thanks to a recent golf outing, I’ve got a slight farmer’s tan. The best way to get even beautiful color? Bronzing cream! And how I could resist one from a company called Booty Parlor! I love quirky names.

Flirty Little Secret was great. It didn’t have that tanning bed smell, which some bronzers do. You have to rub it in really well to make sure there are no streaks, but once you do, it is really even coverage.

The product also has pheromones. Wow I haven’t heard that one since we were obsessed with them in high school! I didn’t notice any extra attention, but since I’ve been with the same man for nearly six years, I may just not have noticed.

Techninally this product is triple duty. I just can’t verify the third yet. It is firming, but I feel you need to use it over a long length of time to see results. I will let you know if I do 🙂

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