Biannual Blogathon Bash

I am super excited about the Biannual Blogathon Bash. I agreed to host a mini challenge, but as a blogger of six months, I wasn’t sure what to share. I realized that if you’ve been blogging one month or 10 years, motivation is essential.

Not everyone gets blogging. Certainly not everyone gets that every blogger has different goals. The key is determining and focusing on yours. In the beginning, some male friends made fun of my blogging, especially since it was focused on beauty products. This irked me a little, but instead of sulking about it, I turned to those who I know believed in me – the friends who had asked me to put my advice out there in the first place and my brother, who has always understood my big dreamer aspirations. Many of those people have changed their tune as my proud brother brags to them about the free stuff I get all the time.

Hopefully you have supportive people in your life like I do. Regardless, you should connect with other bloggers. If you haven’t yet, it’s really the missing piece of the puzzle. I am a single blogger, and most women blogger communities are for mommy communities but they ALL have been so accepting and welcoming – Social Moms, BloggyMoms, 5 minutes for mom, etc. If you would like my list, feel free to email me.

So you will find support around you, online, and cheesy as it is, the last piece is within yourself. Think about the goals you had when you started and whether they need to be updated. If you never outlined these goals for yourself do it now. Initially I wanted to write about something I enjoyed, share my advice with others, get free products, and hopefully (down the road) make some money. So far my goals remain the same, except that I have added paying it forward to other bloggers, as they have already helped me so much.

Sometimes I get frustrated and try to make excuses like “I could do better if I blogged full-time.” I just keep reminding myself to do the best can with the time I have and that I’m doing this because I LOVE it.

Mini Challenge
1. List the people in your life you can turn to when you need a boost – who is your support system?

2. Join two or three new blogging networks – get connected and see what’s out there. If you’re already well connected, maybe find a way to help a couple new bloggers.

3. Establish or reevaluate your goals. What about blogging makes you happy?

4. Include your answers in post on your blog and post a link to your post in the comments on this post, or just answer the questions in a post comment.


23 comments on “Blogathon Mini Challenge – Succeeding Despite the Doubters

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  3. Christine Tolhurst

    Thanks for the pep talk!

    I have a couple people in my life I can always turn to- 2 besties and my husband. (although depending on the subject, its sometimes best to turn to my girlfriends rather than my husband lol)

    I am pretty well established and connected to blogger support places, but I am always trying to help new bloggers in those places 🙂

    I have made sure I have gotten more organized, and this was a goal of mine and I think it will help me in the future. Blogging makes me happy because I have finally found a passion! is my website. I am not sure what you mean by “post the link to your post”. Was U supposed to answer the questions in a post on my blog?

  4. miki

    oh i need to make a post about all this i can’t just answer in the comment for the challenge…. not easy

  5. admin

    Sorry,a blog comment is cool too. I’m updating the post.

  6. miki

    Thank you for your answer and reaction so this post was instructive and made me realise some things i took for granted.

    For support: i have my mother, she doesn’t know a thing about internet, doesn’t speak english but always tell me i can do it and compliment my writing style and passion. I’ve also met some fantastic bloggers that helped ( and still do) me when i needed like Stella who sent me some author with review request and has offered to help me with my grammar ( thank you for the help with my review policy page)

    Now blogger network, i guess stella and the blogger from who i’ve entered some year long challenge can be considered as such. They help me in my passion for books, make me discover new author and book and when i’m quite down like today encourage me. I’ve also loge the RAK event that booksoulmates has created and that offered me the opportunity to meet new blogger and exchange with them.

    my goals: oh i’m still not really sure of myself for that but i want to review books for me and to share the love, i want to gradually improve my writing in english making less and less mistakes. I want to see that my work is appreciated by others ( or that it just helped them choose a book or discover an author)
    I want to appreciate myself, i’m still often too shy to comment or ask for help but i’m improving ( proof i’ve entered this blogathon thing i thought impossible some months ago)
    I still have to learn and improve but i want to keep my reading and blog a pleasure and yes getting book ( print) for review would be the proof that my work is appreciated and while it take time i hope it will arrive one day.
    Blogging make me happy because i can share what i love and meet people with the same taste than me

    thanks you for this post

  7. Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    Hi Liz, nice to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to host a mini challenge…. I really am having fun with them.
    Re support system…. I have an amazing family, but my two sisters are the ones I turn to for blogging support…. and any other support I need!! They have always been there for me, and now that I am a new blogger, they are giving me the benefit of their expertise!!
    I have already re-evaluated by goals from yesterday ( see list on my blog) Blogging makes me happy b/c it allows me to be …just me!! I think that is grand, and am trying to convince others of it as well!!!!LOL!
    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

  8. Shai Smith

    While my blog has personal tid-bits and alot of my personality in it, I don’t really get *this* raw with it (on purpose), so I thought I’d post my responses here.

    1) My family is minimally supportive – of anything, really. VagabondHusband is supportive of anything I do. ♥ My closest friends – Matt, Meg, Sage, and Amanda, are absolutely my support system. VagabondHusband and I deal with ‘life’ together a lot so I normally turn to my friends for creative/blog support. I also have an awesome support group with Green Moms Media. ♥

    2) I am fairly well connected – well connected enough that I stay busy! lol. However, recently, I’ve started really reaching out and helping other bloggers. I’ve created buttons, helped with HTML, helped with blog focus, etc. I love it! And, I look forward to doing it more often!

    3. When it comes to blogging, helping people, teaching,and being creative really makes me happy. I feel I can do that through my eco-friendly/DIY lifestyle blog *and* with helping other bloggers in our support groups. ♥

    Thank you so much for this! My brainstorming page for this exercise is going in the very front spot of my Blog Notebook as a reminder!!!

  9. Jackie

    My support system is small as I’m just getting to know other bloggers. My husband has been great and gives me feedback on things I do -even though he’s not a blogger by any means. I do have a friend who reads a lot of blogs, so she gives feedback, too. I need to grow my blogging community connections and I did take the first step by attending the Vancouver Mom Gala for the top 30 Vancouver Mom bloggers. there were 150 people there who all felt like I do. Very inspiring. And this is my first time doing something like this weekend and it’s been amazing.

    I signed up for info at 5 minutes for Mom, She’s connected, Moms do it Better and a local blogger meetup group. I think a near future goal is to get active there and learn and share with others.

    I established my goals this past week. A new blog, a focus on suburban families, local activities and thoughts and ideas that anyone anywhere can relate to if they live in the ‘burbs (or want to head out there) That’s what I want to share. Reviews and giveaways for things that someone like us would like.

    I love to talk and I love to write. For me, blogging is doing both at the same time. I’m ‘chatting’ with those who come by my blog. That’s my style.:-) I think that’s why blogging makes me so happy.

  10. Ellen Christian

    My husband is my best supporter. He is always there to encourage me. I belong to a lot of blogger groups but recently had my first face to face blogger event with others in my area which was amazing. I love to write and share my thoughts and blogging is a great outlet for that.

  11. Amanda @ Letters Inside Out

    Aside from offline support, my support system is a group of girls I met when I started blogging at an online book blogger conference! Whenever I’m stressed, needing advice, or just a laugh they are there.

    Blogging Networks: I recently joined a facebook group for blogging. The other, I’ve been a member of for awhile but I’ve never really utlizied it – it’s a Ning for book bloggers.

    My goal is to keep excited about it! Everything about it makes me happy, meeting bloggers (from all niches) and just getting to know people I’d never have gotten to know otherwise. I need to remember to keep having fun.

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  13. Adelina Priddis

    I think I’ll use this as a base for a future post. But for the challenge, I’ll answer the questions here.

    I can always turn to my husband. Although he doesn’t entirely seem to “get it” he doesn’t discourage me from blogging, and was very nice and supportive of my weekend blogathon 🙂 Also my sister in law. She loves me to death and will always let me cry on her shoulder and bounce ideas off her, or just share my excitement over what I may be blogging about.

    I’m actually apart of a bunch of facebook blog networks as well as a few other online communities. I came across one blog and was her first follower and commenter. Well since then I’ve been able to help her with the little questions we all get while blogging, and together we’ve created a very successful Foodie Friday blog hop. She’ actually probably a better blogger than me now, lol.

    I think my goals are mostly the same as when I started a little over a year ago. A place for me, to be me. Talk about what I want to, and be able to not just be wife and mother, but be Adelina as well. I think I started getting away from that, but I’m working on bringing it back around.

  14. Cheryl

    My husband is my biggest fan! He even does some reviews for me! He also does the techy side of the blog. Support means the world! Thanks for the tips!

  15. Jen

    I have a wonderful online support network. I have met some amazing friends through facebook and blogging. I don’t get into a lot about blogging with ‘offline’ friends as it’s not something that is a common interest, but my friends and family are very supportive of what I am doing.
    I belong to a number of blogging networks already and have joined a couple of more this weekend for different challenges. SITS, Bloggy Moms are two of my favourites!
    My goal is to continue growing enough to be able to monetize more than I am doing now. My blog traditionally is an outlet for me (I’m a stay at home mom of child with autism) and I love that… but I also need to try to make it a bit of an income.
    Great questions!

  16. Kriss @ Cabin Goddess


    THIS was a great post and challenge! THANKS, book marked too!

    Mini Challenge 1. All my Ninja Pirate Book Writing and Blogging Sisters and Brothers, the Book Bloggers Collaborative, Indie Book Exchange, Thrillers, Rock Twitter, the ManBeast (my fiance), Jessica from Jess Resides here (for she makes sure to kick my ass when needed) and author friends (Including but not limited too Stephen Zimmer and Shannon Mayer)

    2. Joined Book Blogs and Blog Tours and I also submitted Sunday Shorts at The Daily Meme

    3. Being able to participate in grass root projects, promote said projects/small press/Indie/self from a creative professional and voluntary presence while still working towards my goal at being able to add to the household income.

  17. Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups

    I have a lot of really negative people in my life when it comes to my choice to blog and write as a career. I constantly have to defend this decision, and answer questions about why I don’t get a “real job.” Ugh.

    I find a boost from a few great blogging groups, where I have people I can trust, people who get what I do each day, and who can actually understand my life well enough to be excited for me and my accomplishments. {My boyfriend has a hard time getting excited about a lowered Alexa score or celebrating a higher Klout score, lol.}

    I just joined a new network earlier today during a previous challenge, and am going to start my own FB group too, just for people who I think are positive, motivated, and supportive enough to make it a really great “Happy Place” that we can all come to each day.

    And – while I don’t have time tonight to write a full post on this topic, I definitely am putting this on my list to come back to later this week. I’ll make sure to link to your challenge, and come share my post with you – 🙂

    As for goals – What makes me most happy about blogging, and one of the main reasons I continue to put so much time and energy into it, is that I love the ability to stay home with my little girl all day while earning an income. The fact that I also get to write about things I’m passionate about, and connect online with other busy moms like myself is a big bonus!

  18. Kecia

    My biggest fan when it comes to blogging is my husband. He fully supports my goals and desires and does everything he can to help. He entertained our almost 2 year old all weekend so I could get lots of stuff done!

    I am a part of many FB blogger groups and it’s so nice to talk to like-minded people. I also love to help the newer bloggers when I can.

    I have made a short list of my blogging goals, but I want to go back and flesh it out more.

  19. Sage

    My husband and my close friends who are also bloggers are definitely my support system. It’s really wonderful to have friends who blog because we give each other tips, help promote each other’s posts, and cheer each other on constantly.

    I recently added myself to a few new blogging communities and I look forward to networking with the other members.

    Blogging makes me happy because I love to learn, share, and write. Blogging is definitely a great mix of those three things.

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  23. Deadra Villalba

    The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors. ~Napoleon Hill

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