No I’m not referencing a revival of an old school musical. I’m talking about finding a way to revive over processed, damaged hair. Since I am only a third of the way through Ditch the Dye 2012, dying my hair isn’t really option. So I’ve been focusing on ways to get my hair as healthy as possible.

I didn’t have a ton of faith when I picked up Roux Special Extra Strength Leave-In Treatment at Sally. It promised hair would be strengthened by 37 percent in one use, and I thought ya right. For nine or ten bucks, you get three vials. It made my hair feel amazing. It’s a thin liquid that you work through your hair between conditioning and blow drying. Don’t just dump it all on; it works much better if you pour a little at a time in your hand and work it through your hair. I’m not even sure what’s in it, but it made my hair feel so soft, strong, and healthy.

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