This month’s assignment for my ambassadorship was my very first experience with Pacifica. I was not disappointed. The little details go a long way. Who doesn’t appreciate a handwritten note and a gorgeously adorned box?

The little details continued with the products. Each scent gave a hint of being in the tropics; the fragrances were light and fruity, but not fake smelling. You know what I mean? It’s kind of like the difference between eating a real banana and eating a banana popsicle. These body butters and lip tints smelled like real, fresh fruit.

The body butters were good, some with a hint of shimmer and one with both shimmer and bronzer. They made my skin feel luminous. However, as body butters, I would have expected them to be a little thicker, more skin quenching.

The lip tints were AMAZING. One use made my lips feel soft and amazing for hours, unlike many cheaper lip balms that you have to use over and over all day.

The vanilla rollerball was nice. I’m not usually much of a fan of rollerballs, and I don’t think this would be dramatic enough for nighttime, but it was perfect for daytime.

By far, my favorite scent was the Blood Orange. It was refreshing yet exciting.

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