I have been annoying my friends all week with “It’s peeling! Do you see it? It’s peeling!” As a member of the palest of the pale color family, I have suffered more sunburns than I could possibly count. So why would I possibly be so excited about my skin peeling? Because, this time, I did it on purpose.

I was super excited when Skin-Peel.com sent me a Jessner’s Peel to review. I’ve always wanted to do a chemical but fear of something new and the cost held me back. This was the perfect opportunity to overcome my fears. I’m not going to lie to you, it stings, it burns, but it’s so worth it. It’s really not much worse than a bad sunburn.



This is one case where you really want to read the instructions thoroughly. I didn’t and messed it up the first time. The Jessner peel is one where you can layer it, from one up to 8 layers. I was rinsing between layers – WRONG.

Before Peel

So once I did it correctly, I got up to 5 layers. The more layers you do, the deeper the peel. As you do them more, your skin can tolerate more. I only made it to five because at first I was using makeup sponges that were absorbing too much of the solution. It’s better to use gauze pads to apply instead. So in all reality, I got a quite light peel, which is good because it was my very first.

How do you decide you when to stop? It’s really up to you, but it will help you to know more about the process. After each layer you let the solution sit for two minutes. After the last layer, you let it process for 5-15 more minutes. You need to judge your own discomfort and decide how much longer you can take. Unfortunately, this is a case where beauty is pain. It’s worth the pain!



Bye bye old skin!

I performed the peel on Sunday and skin began peeling by Tuesday. It continued to peel until the following Saturday. It was a very light peel – you had to look closely to notice. It was a far cry from some of the peel disasters you hear about.






End Result

Toward the end of the peeling, I noticed some of my darker spots were lightened. The oddest thing, and sorry if this grosses you out, but my blackheads were so much closer to the surface and therefore easy to extract. The peel description said it dissolves blackheads, but I thought “no way!” I am now a believer and I can’t wait to see how I look after a series of these peels!

P.S. This is a BARGAIN. The kit they sent me retails at $64, and I used maybe a sixth of the bottle. If you ask me, that’s a great price for getting rid of years of skin damage.

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