I was excited to take on my first assignment for BzzAgent, tackling one of the prettiest things ever – high heels – and one of the ugliest – feet. They sent me a pair of Dr. Scholl’s for high heels, but I kept avoiding my heels, most of which are peeptoe, because I didnt have time to do my toes. Again, feet are ugly.

Yesterday, I got to give them a try. I avoided my highest, most uncomfortable heels – they are about half a size too small, so it’s my fault they are uncomfortable. I went with a tried and true pair. I knew at the beginning of the day it was their last run. These are the shoes that are adorable yet fairly comfortable, the pair that I get tons of compliments on, the pair that is falling apart from wearing so much and I probably should have thrown out two years ago.

After a looooooooooong day, eight hours of work and four hours of driving class (yes they really do mean it when they tell you not to speed in school zones), I came to a very clear conclusion. It was time to say goodbye to my old friends, the brown peeptoes. I had not realized how incredibly uncomfortable they were until I wore the Dr. Scholl’s all day – my feet still felt great at the end of the day. Regardless, this goodbye was long overdue. However, I can’t wait to try out these insoles are some more pairs of heels!

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