When we were younger, my brother, who is three years younger than me, loved forcing me to watch shows that highly annoyed me, including Inspector Gadget. Though I hated the show, it seemed a catchy title for this post. When I first learned about my Bloom Ambassador assignment to test out Lashfood, I had mixed reactions. Part of me thought I actually like my lashes, but I was intrigued to see what a lash conditioner could do. Part of me was also skeptical that I would see any difference. The results?

The conditioner was really easy to apply; you just put it on like eyeliner. I forgot a couple times the first week, but after about a week and a half I started to see results. My lashes were thicker and fuller. The photos above are naked lashes – after four weeks, they looked better than ever in mascara. Full results take 16 weeks, so I’m excited to continue seeing my lashes get fuller and longer.


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