It smelled so good I wanted to lick my own face. Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t actually lick myself. Chocolate  . . . conditioner. Chocolate and strawberries . . . face mask. Sounds like a party to me!

I picked up the Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry mask thinking if it doesn’t work well, at least it will smell good. Lucky for me, it won on both fronts. Seriously it smelled amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. This clay mask tightened up my pores and moisturized my skin. LOVE. Plus it was around $3. How can you go wrong with that? It was a lot lighter brown than I expected – the color was not too pleasant – but other than that, thumbs up.





Following my chocolate theme, I was excited about trying Carol’s Daughter. They have many intriguing formulas and scents, but conditioner with cocoa – how could I resist?!? Little did I know this line is actually formulated for mostly African American hair, but it is great for dry and damaged hair too.  The chocolate smell was not quite as strong, as the mask, but it still smelled yummy. It felt great and moisturized well.

In conclusion, do not lick your face. Do not eat your hair. DO try out some products made with chocolate – they make you feel like you’re getting the spa treatment at home.

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  1. Margaret

    LOL Your review of the Caroles Daughter product is funny and making me wanna try it. *Note to self* dont eat hair lol

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