So it’s been a few weeks, and I love this product!! It evens out my skin tone and gets rid of the blotchiness. Up until a few years ago, I just relied on the sun to even me out without a summer tan, then I was pretty much good for the rest of the year. Since hitting 30 though (almost two years ago if you’re curious), my skin just doesn’t bounce back like it used to and I need to worry about evening skin tone all year long. The Philosophy Dark Spot Correcting Kit is fantastic. It reduces red and dark spots and makes everything look more even.

In comparison to other products I’ve tried, I’d say it’s up there with my favorite peel so far – the Exuviance Performance Peel. However, the Philosophy comes with a dark spot cream in addition to the peel, so for about the same price, it’s a better value.

On the practical side, I frequently use the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System. The Citrus Scrub smells amazing and overall this gives a good refresh to your skin at a much more affordable cost.

I still feel though, that I need to find a peel that is closer to medical/spa strength. For spring, I really want my skin to look vibrant, ie more like 21 than 31. Next on my list to try is Jessner’s Skin Peel. From everything I’ve read so far, it’s an awesome option for dramatic results that chip away at both acne and aging concerns. I can’t wait to try it and you know I will share my full and honest review!

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3 comments on “Update: Philosophy Dark Spot Correcting Kit

  1. JWoo

    I have a few dark spots from pregnancy I need to fade…will be giving this a try. Thanks Liz for all the useful information!

    1. Manu

      It depends on the type of acid and also the sgtrnteh of the acid.I do my own peels to save money. Glyolic acid peels give a light peel and the downtime is minimal. TCA peels gives a deeper peel and the downtime can be 7-10 days whilst the skin crusts and peels off.Hope this helps.

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