Back when I was in junior high, steam rollers were the brand new thing. I begged my mom to get them for me and I used them all the time. I was the queen of hot rollers; my best friend still teases me about it to this day.

When I saw the TopStyler infomercial, I started thinking about hot rollers for maybe the first time in over a decade. I realized I missed them. I always found them easier than doing my entire head with a curling iron or straightener. The truth is, you can kind of do it halfway with tools, but rollers are lazyproof.

My frugal self prevented me from buying the TopStyler, so I started looking at Sally Beauty. There was nothing comparable, but I did see that technology has improved a lot – argan oil infused, ceramic cores, etc. I was shocked to see they were still selling the same steam rollers I used at 13.

A few weeks later, on an unplanned stop at Big Lots, I scored a shocking find – Twilight steam rollers for $19! Yes, I’m a Twilight fan, and just a vampire fan in general. My mom raised me on Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time. Ok there’s my one supergeek secret, out in the open.

This set is made by Pro Beauty Tools, which I didn’t really know anything about, but it sounds reputable, right? Well, I figured if the Twilight producers were endorsing it, it couldn’t be total crap.

Overall impression? LOVE. Total bargain. The technology has improved, so the steam is ionic, which conditions your hair. The rollers are jumbo, going with the beachy wave trend. Sorry, the tight spirals of my youth are a no no. I was worried about whether there would be enough rollers (because I have a ton of hair) – but I didn’t even need to use them all.

For those of you who have never used steam rollers before, it’s pretty simple. You plug it in and after about a minute, steam starts shooting out. You place the roller on for 20-30 seconds, roll it in your hair, and put the cover on top. I remember with the old ones I had, you had to steam the cover too, which sometimes burnt my hand. No such problem with these!

The set came with a cute bag, and the actual steam unit is tiny, so this would be great for travel.

I do have one negative to report, and it’s really my own fault. If you have eyebrow skimming bangs, do not put a roller in them. You will end up a giant weird flipped out piece in the front and will have to pull out the straightening or curling iron anyway. If you’re running short on time like I was, you’ll have to pin them back.


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  1. Jwoo

    I am not ashamed to say i’ve used some form of hot roller for long long time…as i am not handy with a curling iron. In the picture it looks like it heats one roller at a time, is that right? Very interesting! Nice curls!!!

    1. Ayush

      It’s personal prcrefenee, really.Some guys LOVE the natural look, and other guys prefer the fake everything.How much you let this concern you really depends on how interested you are in having a guy that is attracted to you for how you look as compared to someone that wants you to look like every other bleach blonde, makeup covered thing that walks around in a miniskirt.Someone that needs for you to look a certain way to please them usually needs you to act a certain way, as well. If you’re okay with parading around as trophy wife’ then more power to you. I prefer au natural.

    1. Yoriko

      first off I’m almost 17, I have nmoral skin the occasional pimple and thick pretty much straight hair I use both drugstore and higher end makeup I won’t spend over 25 dollars on a single product. I like to spend under 15my mom buys me the occasional mascara or eyeliner if I run out, everything else I’m on my care I don’t really have a set or anything because I’ve used a clinique system and then random stuff and my skin looks the same but I like the cetaphil cleanser, witch hazel as a toner and cetaphil moisturizer. Hair care- I use herbal essences hello hydration shampoo and conditioner. Best.stuff.ever. I have oily hair at the roots but this makes my hair so soft without making it greasy. I usually curl my hair- looks way better. So I ALWAYS use a heat protectant on it I like the Tresemme one. it’s black with a red spray top. and I like Tresseme Tres two hair sprayMy favorite products over all- Mac eyeshadows- amazing quality and if you get them in pan form 11 dollars isn’t bad. I like all that glitters, satin taupe, mulch, sable, naked lunch, espresso, vapour, tempting. Mac select coverup concealer- really good for under eye circles and on the face and you get a LOT of product. Mac studio fix powder- powder foundation, really easy to travel with. Mac Vanilla pigment- i sue this as an eyeshadow, cheek highlight and sometimes in the center of my lips to make them look a little fuller. Cover girl lashblash mascara and shimmering sands eyeshadows. only mascara I really like and best drugstore eyeshadow around. Maybelline color sensational lipstick in born with it- light baby pink I wear it a ton. Maybelling dream smooth mousse- a creme foundation It photographs really well and it gives nice coverage and looks natural. Milani liquif’eye eyeliners- I have black and brown they are SO soft and smooth and I liek these better then urban decay liners. My nars blush- such great quality, very expensive but they’re so pigmented you only need a little so it’s not that bad. Revlon super lustrous lipglosses- hands down my favorite lipglosses from anywhere. they’re pigmented without being goopy or sticky and I love all of themHope I helped!

  2. Jennifer Gray

    I remember steam rollers. Ive had them but havent used them in years. I used to use them now all I want to do is straighten my hair..LOL Maybe one day Ill go back to steam rollers. Loved the curls they made

  3. Rebecca L

    my mother used to use rollers all the time. I am quite afraid to use them but you look really cute with that hairstyle!

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