When I was 17, I stopped eating meat – July 17, 1997 to be exact – my “veggieversary.” On that day, as the younger children in our choir group, stopped by a broken down tour bus, stopped to pet little chicks, I found out they would eventually end up McDonald’s Sandwiches. Unlike most people, I can not separate the thought of a live animal from what I was eating – it freaks me out. I understand the whole food chain argument and I don’t forcibly push my beliefs on others, it’s just not for me.

So as Earth Day approached, I began to think about my severe lacking in this area. Vegetarianism is pretty strongly linked with being ecofriendly – save the planet for the people and animals who live on it. Pretty much all I do is recycle. Oh, and I avoid styrofoam because it doesn’t break down.

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this to the world but I am AWFUL about water wasting. I leave the water, GASP, on when I brush my teeth. I know it’s a horrible habit and I just need to stop. So that’s resolution number one.

Number two, I’m going to start washing in cold water. I had to think about this, and even discussed it with a friend who is much, much neater than me. In fact, we tease her for being a germophobe. I never thought you could get laundry just as clean with cold water, and I was shocked when she said “ya we do that.”

So . . . I picked an awesome time to be nicer to the Earth, not only because of Earth Day, but also because SheSpeaks let me know about this awesome promotion with Tide – Take a Load Off. You pledge to wash with cold water and enter to win a new washer and dryer. Considering mine were my mom’s and she passed away in 2006, I’m sure they are not very efficient (trust me, if she knew I were getting excited about laundry, she would have NO problem with me getting rid of her set).

Also, check out the stats on cold water washing (from P and G press release on the campaign):

For instance, if an average household switched to cold water washing for one year, it would save enough energy to:

  • Watch TV for 1,363 hours
  • Charge an iPhone 4S 30,861 times
  • Power an average new refrigerator for nearly 4 months

So do what you will, be an all out no leather vegetarian, composting reycler, or none of the above. It’s your choice. Just take a second to think about these things if you haven’t before, and think about what you’re willing to do.

And what does all of this have to do with beauty? I don’t get on a soapbox often, but when I do it’s because it’s something I’m passionate about. Passion is beautiful, raising awareness is beautiful, and caring for the earth and its creatures is beautiful.

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