I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time wasting anything for which I shelled out my money. So what options do you have when you hate a product or went a little overboard and have way too much of something. You have lots of options! Here are some of my faves:

1. Shampoo – I have too much shampoo, way too much shampoo. . . for a couple of reasons. First, I often don’t pay enough attention and pick up shampoo when I think it’s conditioner. Second, I use probably conditioner three times as much as I do shampoo and it took me forever to adjust to buying this way instead of the shampoo and conditioner every day routine I used to follow. So what do I do? Laundry! It makes great laundry soap! Just don’t use too much or you’ll have suds everywhere. Handsoap works in a pinch too.

2. Conditioner – if you have extra, it makes amazing shaving cream!!! Leaves your skin so soft.

3. Bronzing powder – break up and mix with body lotion and you’ve got bronzing cream!

4. Gift Sets (eyeshadow, blush, etc.) – I usually buy these from Ulta or Sephora at amazing price after the holiday season. Well I just can’t use all that eyeshadow and I feel awful just throwing it away. So I came up with this brilliant idea to use them for an art project. After a MASSIVE FAIL, I learned what to do and what not to do. I wanted to do a collage of my dogs’ photos, my handprints, and their pawprints. Lessons learned:
1. Dogs do not like to be sprayed with cooking spray. My chiweenie wouldn’t come near me for an hour.
2. The BEST way to do prints is spray your hand first, touch the canvas, sprinkle the eyeshadow, then blow away the excess. If you spray the canvas first you have more excess spray to wipe off, and if you put your hand in the powder then spray it, it works ok but streaks.
3. Use one color at a time. You won’t get the rainbow effect. They WILL mix together and you’ll get a muddled gray.
4. This project would work if you have willing participants – friends, significant other, kids, etc. Mine got ruined because the dogs were not having it and it turned out a mess!

What to do:
1. Cut out photos and attach to canvas with glue stick. The canvas I used was $18 and usually Hobby Lobby has 40 percent off coupons on their website.
2. Crush up the shadow or blush you want and pour onto a paper plate.
3. Spray your hand with cooking spray and make your prints on the canvas.
4. Pour the powder over the prints and blow off the excess.
5. Let everything dry and spray with shellac spray.

Or . . . you can just let kids do art projects on paper with the crushed up shadow.

I recommend these as good options for inexpensive products. If they’re very expensive, I’ll use them until they’re gone even if I hate them. I just alternate with products I know I like.

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