Running a beauty blog means you get to play with products all weekend and call it “research.” Love it! In all honesty though, I’ve been avoiding the research for this post for fear of looking like:

a. a 5’9″ blonde clown

b. a tacky looking Jersey Shore girl, which I’m sure would go over awesome in Nebraska

c. like I slept in a tanning bed and punched myself in the eye

d. all of the above

Well I got over it. The results?

Stick On Eyeliner

I received Eye Rock Designer Liner in my Birchbox. I LOVE dramatic but I wasn’t sure how real this would look. I was pleasantly surprised. First, don’t move it around too much as you are applying it. It loses stickiness quickly. Second, I will warn you, it feels very strange. I kept thinking it was going to fall off, but it stuck strong all night. It looked pretty cool – this is the least dramatic of the four, and it even felt a little out there for me – even though I like dramatic, I usually keep my liner pretty tame. I think it’s because I’m pale and blond – it’s easy for a smoky eye to turn out like a black eye. However, no one noticed it was fake. I had to point it out to my man – good sign that I did NOT look like a clown.

Tan in a Can

This doesn’t come close to an actual tan. Now most people are surprised when I tell them this, but I have never gone tanning. It scares me – I can’t even explain why – it’s a completely irrational fear. I used Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. You spray into your hand first then rub into your legs. Immediate reaction – “It’s freezing cold and it’s orange!!!” So I rubbed it in and it looked fine. It didn’t really give me a tan, but you can see on the right leg it smooths out the imperfections (yes I did both legs, this was so you could see the difference.) I did feel less pasty and blotchy, but not tan. I was scared to put on any more because I didn’t want to end up looking like a tangerine in heels.


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