As many know, I am the furthest thing from a morning person. I have the luxury of working out at night, but I used to work out over lunch because that was the only time many of my friends with kids could squeeze it in. “How can you possibly have time to do that?” – I was asked that question again and again. NO the answer is not take a two hour lunch so I can redo my hair and makeup after working out and showering.

The answer is . . . the perfect arsenal of products.

First, and in my opinion MOST important  – dry shampoo. Truly it’s a Godsend. I do not like the powder ones, but the spray ones are fantastic. They counteract the oil, and bam! Fresh hair. There are some good pricy ones out there (Ojon, Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret) which are GREAT for omg I want to preserve my awesome Saturday night hair on Sunday. For the gym bag, I love the Tresseme waterless shampoos. They run about $3 each, just make sure you get the correct one based on whether you have curly/wavy or straight hair. The curly one is extra moisturizing so it can make straight hair look greasy.

Next, and this is important, pack TWO kinds of wipes, one for your face and one for your body. Some people are not sensitive at all, but if I use body wipes on my face, I break out. For my body, baby wipes work great, any kind. The best place to find these is in the travel aisle so you are not carting a giant tub of wipes. For my face, Garnier Nutritioniste Towelettes have come in super handy. Even when I shower at home after the gym, I often run errands in between and it helps to at least get the gunk off my face in the meantime.

These are the key tools. After you’ve used them to clean your entire body, face, and hair, proceed with deodorant, makeup, etc. Two things I strongly I suggest are moisturizer and body spray. The skin dries out from the salt in your sweat, so moisturizer is always good. Body spray just puts a little extra pep in your step as you get back to the grind of work.

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