The Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge: Suicide Prevention Awareness

I can’t imagine losing a loved one to suicide. Unfortunately, I know many people who have lost siblings, parents, spouses, fiances, etc. The death of Robin Williams brought this to the forefront for me. When I saw 89.7 the River had created a challenge to raise awareness about suicide prevention, I was in.

There is so much stigma about mental illness that many are afraid of getting help or being chastised. Personally, I don’t know how I ever would have gotten over the domestic abuse I survived or the death of my mother when I was 25 without therapy. If you need help, please seek it, and suspect someone needs help, please encourage them to talk about it.

Here’s the challenge!

And how we looked after! It was lots of fun for a good cause. Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge

Thanks to the Dabkowskis for doing this challenge with me.

Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

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Look Awesome in Your Vacation Photos: Travel Beauty Products

Most women I know fall into one of two camps regarding travel and beauty: the I’m taking a break from it ALL, including makeup, camp and the this is when I take lots of pictures, so I’m gonna make sure I look good camp. I fall into the second group. I love having no set schedule and having all the time in the world to try new looks and play with my beauty products. So here’s your breakdown on travel beauty products.

Most of the traveling I was fortunate to do was when I was younger. I was in a competitive regional choir that gave me the chance to travel to South Africa, Germany, Canada, and lots of places within the U.S. Each trip, my mom and I would travel to Wal-Mart, and visit the travel aisle, which pretty much offered one crappy option each of shampoo, face wash, etc. Things have changed so much since then.  Travel sizes are available across the cost spectrum. The bonus, in addition to decreasing your load (did I mention I REALLY miss the pre-911 pack whatever fits in your suitcase regardless of weight policy), is trying new products. Plus, at travel size price, you can plurge on things you normally wouldn’t.

15 years old competing in an international choir competition at Princeton University (we won!)

15 years old competing in an international choir competition at Princeton University (we won!)

I’m going to share some of my faves, as well as places you can go to explore beyond your normal whatever’s in the WalMart or Target aisle.

LPO Beauty’s Faves

1. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – seriously, it’s normally twentysome a bottle, but the $7  travel bottle allows you to get a taste of the awesome. The purple, hydrating formula is absolutely my fave.

2. Fekaii Olive Oil Gloss Cream – again, the full size is expensive, but I guarantee you, your hair will blow out smoother and shinier than with any inferior product. So vacation is a great time to get the small size and splurge on yourself.

3. Make up palettes-  not travel size exactly, but bringing something like this prevents you from packing a million powders, blushes, etc. My faves are Too Face Returned of Sexy (the eyeliner is the best ever) .

4. Urban Decay Makeup Setting  Spray – not technically travel size but due to the variety of climates depending on where you go, who wants your makeup to run like crazy? They different ones, including one that also cools you off.

5. The right powder – I LOVE Vegas and in my many travels there, here is a major mistake I made. I used my regular powder. MAJOR mistake. Three days of getting very tan and then you put your powder on and look like a Victorian doll. The one powder I’ve found that completely evades rematching is Stila’s color correcting. The combo of correcting colors works no matter how much sun you have or haven’t had that day. And the coolest thing about is it shaves the powder as you go, so you don’t have to worry about the clumsy accidents that happen with a loose powder.

You see what I'm saying about the dreaded powder face? This was my first trip to Vegas in 2008. I've learned my lesson.

You see what I’m saying about the dreaded powder face? This was my first trip to Vegas in 2008. I’ve learned my lesson.

6. Shampoo samples – I only shampoo my hair twice a week in the summer. It’s dry naturally then I loooove to bleach it. But I rinse and condition it almost every day. So any single shampoo samples I get are perfect to take with me  on vacation. Ulta and Sephora orders always include free samples, plus if you subscribe to Ulta’s email list they have random 4-hour specials where you get free really nice, bigger samples with purchase that day.

7. Leave in Conditioner – Depending on weather conditions, atmosphere, climate, activities, diet, and increased amounts of alcohol (don’t judge – it’s vacation!) you may need more nutrients. My fave is Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner”. Awesome and way affordable.

8. Hair spray – I’m not huge on hair spray, but there are lots of good options in travel sizes – Kenra, Big Sexy, etc.

9. Skincare Trial Sets – In general these trial sets include at least the basics, and the sizes are perfect for travel. Particularly, you need at least a moisturizer and a cleanser. My faves to offer these sets are Philosophy and Juice Beauty.

10. Brush set – Brushes give you that extra polished look, but who wants to lug all that? A mini set is the perfect solution. I like this one from Avon. (If you don’t have a rep, feel free to order through the LPO Beauty store).

Where to Get the Goods

I’ve already hinted at a few go to’s for getting travel beauty products, but here’s some you may not have thought of.

1. eBay – LOTS of travel size stuff listed at awesome prizes

2. CVS – yeppers. good selection of high end stuff, like the Fekaii gloss cream I mentioned above

3. Ulta – OMG. I am addicted to the kiosks by the checkout – TONS of smaller sized items. A lot of times I buy these, not even just for travel, but to try out new stuff. This is also where you’ll find the Pureology conditioner I mentioned :) They have smaller sizes throughout the store too, but for quick and easy, hit the checkout aisle.

4. Hair School – A good friend of mine recently left her corporate job to follow her dream and I am SO proud of her. She recently did my hair and they had so many travel size options, plus they run tons of specials. Two new ones she introduced me to are Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo and Iron Shape thermal spray . I’m so excited to try them. She told me the students literally fight over the dry shampoo and I’ve seriously never seen thermal spray in travel size before.

Need a travel size product I didn’t cover or more ideas on where to stock up? Leave me a comment!


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My Kind of Night Out – And You Can Win Tickets to be There Too!

UPDATE: Unfortunately this show has been canceled. This was behind the control of Omaha Performing Arts.


So for those of you who don’t blog, blogging is kind of it’s own world. Mostly women, bloggers are a supportive, awesome, hilarious breed BUT many of them are mommies. That means we don’t always have the same things talk about and sometimes I have ZERO clue (like this weekend when I asked WHAT is a splash pad?) So I’m super excited to celebrate things I do know something about – naughty comedy and theater – at the beginning of June. We’re going to see SPANK! Harder, a raunchy 50 Shades of Gray parody. Ok, I never read the book, mostly because my English teacher best friend told me the writing would make me want to punch myself.

spank with
So Omaha ladies, mommies or not, you’ve got a chance to get in on the fun! The show runs June 6-7. Enter below!

More on the show:
The original SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody became a box office smash in 2013, selling out
shows across the country and delivering naughty and hilarious fun to women in over 170 cities
across the US and Canada. (

Now, SPANK! Harder continues the steamy fun and brings the laughs to a whole new level! The
characters that thrilled audiences across the country are back including our sassy “author,” “E.B.
Janet” and ladies’ favorite naughty hunk, “Hugh Hanson.” This time, our wickedly handsome
man in the grey tie has competition! We saw “Tasha” take on the sexy billionaire, but now finds
herself wanting more…and she’s done taking orders! She experiments with a new shade of grey
and finds herself dating two hunky men. Which one will she choose? Hugh, or the sweet and
seductive “Carter Carnegie?”

SPANK! Harder parodies not only ‘Fifty Shades,’ but many of women’s favorites from movies to
television and beyond. SPANK Harder brings the ladies’ night out of the year with laugh-out-loud
comedy, musical numbers and this time, double-trouble with two steamy hunks competing for
Tasha’s affection, and our favorite author “E.B. Janet” who will have audiences across the
country roaring with laughter once again. Get ready to get spanked again with this even more
hilarious and rip-roaring good time!

Bikini Line: Why I Hate the Hair Down There

BodyBrite West Omaha Review and Giveaway

In recent years, I have heard lots of commercials for hair removal and they always get my wheels turning. Ultimately it always comes down to my bikini line. Sure it’d be  nice to never shave my underarms or legs again, but ultimately there’s so many reasons to get rid of the hair down there. I’ll get into that in a minute.

ipl bikini line hair removal from lpobeauty.comRegardless, I always pushed hair removal into the “someday when I win the lottery or marry a rich guy” category.  No way could I afford that! Turns out that laser isn’t the only way to get rid of those pesky hairs — there’s a much more affordable option – IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Myself and some fellow Omaha bloggers teamed up with BodyBrite West Omaha to give you the lowdown. AND we’re giving you the chance to win a free treatment!

BodyBrite also does IPL skin rejuvenation, teeth whitening and oxygen facials. I’ll include the links below to the other blogger review so you can get some more info on those.

So WHY did I choose bikini line? First, I knew no one else would be crazy enough to do it. Second, it really is a beauty concern. Third, like I said, I HATE the hair down there… and here’s why:

1. Pubic hair – it’s just such a gross word. It sounds like puke or “peeeeeeee-yew that stinks”.

2.  I have sensitive skin, so the ingrown hairs drive me insane – itchy red bumps almost every time I shave.

3. No matter how good a job you do, you inevitably have a moment during summer where you see a hair you missed peeking out of your swimsuit.


4. And finally, this lovely scene from She’s All That always comes to mind.

So let me answer all your questions.

1. Does it hurt?

No, not really. It feels like a quick zap, like when you shock yourself on a doorknob. They ice it, and if it pinches too much, they ice some more before trying again. It feels like a tiny little spot, about the size of the tip of a ball point pin. However, the IPL tool is zapping an area of about 1 inch by 3 inches at a time. It goes much quicker than you’d expect – less than 30 minutes a treatment.

2. How many treatments does it take?

Each area requires nine treatments, spaced about 4-5 weeks apart. Why so much? Well, there are lots of hairs in each area (hundreds to thousands I believe) and they are not all on the same growth program. Multiple treatments insure you get them all, and BOOM, hair is gone FOREVER. Yes forever.

3. How does it work?

A really strong light singes each hair, and after the treatment they fall out.

4. How much does it cost?

The body is broken down into zones. The bikini line is one; if you want Brazilian (aka adding the back strip) is another zone. Both underarms are one. The legs are broken down into four zones (upper and lower on left and right). You can also have the face done. Each treatment is $69, but the price per session decreases if you pay upfront or do multiple zones.

Still at this point, I was thinking I can’t afford this, but you can break it down over six months with auto deduct from your bank card or credit card. And really for just over $600 at the most (if you pay as you go and only do one zone), it’s so worth it to NEVER deal with ingrown hairs again.

5. Is it uncomfortable?

Of course it is. So’s your annual physical. But it’s worth it. Doing your bikini line, you can choose how much you want to take off the front. I’ve actually discussed this with friends, both male and female. They all go back and forth. Totally nude seems prepubescent, but it is the trend, both could be sexy, blah blah blah. For me, it’s the same price and I don’t want to shave or trim one little spot, so I said take it all!

Despite having to flash it all, the nurse makes it as comfortable is possible. She’s very professional and she told me “I see it all the time” and “I’m just looking at the hair.”

Overall, it was complete worth it. The environment was spalike – inviting and calm, yet professional and clean. I would do all my zones if  I could! I am however, going to finish the bikini line and do the teeth whitening – I’ll be bringing you more on that later.

Disclosure: Complimentary service was provided for this review. However, all opinions expressed are mine.

And for the super fun stuff  – your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Bright White Smile for the Holidays: New White Strips Product Review

When I asked what you wanted to see on LPO Beauty, a few of you answered how to get teeth whiter/whitening product reviews. Well, here you go! Fortunately for all us, Allure Magazine just happened to be testing out the new Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit. Mouthful? Yes, both the name and the white strips. Ok, so that’s not really funny. But you’ll enjoy learning more about them!

The timing really couldn’t be better. Everyone wants white teeth, especially at the holidays when you know there will be lots of photos. I take off for Vegas tomorrow, and I for one am happy to have a more confident smile. My s.o. said he didn’t notice a difference from the white strips, but to be honest, I’ve chopped off six inches of hair and not had him notice. My best friend came over last night and noticed immediately.

I was a mixed bag of emotions when this box arrived:crest whitestrips review from LPOBeauty.comWhy? I was excited about getting to try something new. BUT I’d never tried white strips that measured up to the whitening gel with custom trays my mom had gotten me years earlier. I had even tried the pro kind from the dentist’s office and was unhappy.

My top complaints about white strips:

1. Don’t cover all the teeth

2. Slip and slide around – I end up spitting them out before time is up

3. Don’t make that big of a difference

4. Saliva, saliva, saliva (ok this problem comes with the trays too, I think it’s inevitable with any dental process)

But this could be different, right? And it WAS.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter wearing them an hour a day for two weeks, there was a noticeable difference. You can stretch them to fit your teeth, so they cover more area. But best of all, they stay on amazingly! No slipping and sliding like I’d experienced before. Saliva issues still, but I think you can’t avoid that. (Plus that may be my own personal problem ****TMI ALERT***** I gag when I brush my tongue – hey I warned you!)

Before and after . . .drumroll please . . .

Before Crest 3D luxe whitestrips by

Before Crest 3D Luxe Flexfit Whitestrips

After Crest 3D Luxe Flexfit Whitestrips by

After Crest 3D Luxe Flexfit Whitestrips

I did have a friend ask me about sensitivity and I really experienced none . . . UNTIL I missed a day. Instead of just continuing, I decided to be a rebel, ignore the directions and do two strips in one day with a few hours in between. DON’T do that.

Overall, I was seriously impressed. So much so, I took full after shot for you with no makeup and crazy hair! – yep that’s how I roll on a Sunday :)

after crest 3d luxe whitestrips from